From the Green Book of the Bards

[PIPES OF PAN Number Two]

by Bliss Carman

© Boston: L.C. Page, 1903


Dedication [to Edward Nathan Gibbs]
"Lord of my Heart's Elation"
The Green Book of the Bards
First Croak
A Supplication
April Weather
Spring Magic
The Enchantress
The Madness of Ishtar
A Creature Catechism
Sursum Corda
The Word in the Beginning
From an Old Ritual
Fellow Travellers
The Field by the Sea
The Dancers of the Field
The Breath of the Reed
The Spell
A Forest Shrine
Among the Aspens
The Green Dancers
The Wind at the Door
At the Yellow of the Leaf
The Silent Wayfellow
Pictor Ignotus
The Heretic
After School