Far Horizons

by Bliss Carman




THE people of the forest
In crimson, green, and tan,—
The tree,—have been my teachers
To make of me a man.

They awed me with their beauty,

Their tender strength and pride.
They gladden me as comrades
Forever at my side.

I dare not scorn their patience
In learning how to grow.

They do not waste their powers
In rushing to and fro,

Nor spend a moment thinking
How soon they have to die,—
All occupied enhancing

The hour going by.

I love the dark-hued spruces
Because their hearts are warm.
And the tall pines have taught me
To front the winter storm.


Among the April willows
In their gold and silver gear,
I hear the bees make music
And summer drawing near.

Remembered Birch and Lilac

Have taught me loveliness,
They are so fair and fragrant
In their soft-coloured dress.

Great Oak, dear Beech and Cedar,
Young Cherry dressed in white,

They stand with heads uncovered
To greet the morning light.

And little trembling Aspen
Who always says her prayers,
Has taught me by example

To tell God all my cares.

And One in gown of scarlet,
The first beloved of all,
Still tells me tales of glory
When autumn days befall.