Echoes from Vagabondia

by Bliss Carman

© Boston: Small, Maynard and Company, 1912.


Spring's Saraband
The Flute of Spring
Daffodil's Return
The Urban Pan
The Sailing of the Fleets
The Last Day at Stormfield
The Ships of Yule
In St. Germain Street
In St. Cecilia Street
The Path to Sankoty
The Cry of the Hillborn
Morning in the Hills
Pan in the Catskills
The Dreamers
The Councillors
A Conundrum
A Colophon
On the Plaza
Dust of the Street
Bronson Howard
To a Friend
To a Young Lady on Her Birthday
The Angel of Joy
A Lyric
A Wood-Path
By Still Waters
Te Deum
On Burial Hill
The Wise Men From the East
A Water Color
El Dorado
A Painter's Holiday
The Winged Victory
The Enchanted Traveller