Corydon: An Elegy

by Bliss Carman




The Critic. Vol. 6, No. 4. Jan 25, 1889.

A Canadian house will issue shortly, in a limited edition of seventy-five copies, numbered, and printed on large vellum paper, a three part elegy in commemoration of Matthew Arnold, by Mr. Bliss Carman. The divisions of the trilogy are entitled (1) “Death in April,” (2) “Midsummer Land,” and (3) “Autumn Guard”; and each is preceded and followed by a lyric interlude. From advance sheets we make the following selection, being the introductory lyric of the first part:


A stir on the brink of evening,
        A tint in the warm gray sky,
The sound of loosened rivers;
        And spring goes by.

A stir at the rim of winter,

        A wing on the crisp midnight;
A herald from dusk to gloaming
        In Northward flight.

A stir in the dawn re-arousing
        The wide undeparted unrest,

To forth in the spring time and follow
        The infinite quest.

At stir of the golden April
        By Indian-willow and stream,
The sap goes upward with morning

        And death is a dream.  


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