Ballads and Lyrics

by Bliss Carman

© Toronto: McClelland & Stewart, Limited, 1923.

Author's Note
Low Tide on Grand Pré
The Unreturning
Marian Drury
A Windflower
The Pensioners
Seven Things
Pulvis et Umbra
Golden Rowan
Through the Twilight
Carnations in Winter
A Northern Vigil
The Eavesdropper
In Apple Time
The End of the Trail
The Vagabonds
Behind the Arras
The Faithless Lover
The Crimson House
The Lodger
Beyond the Gamut
The Juggler
The Dustman
At the Granite Gate
In the Wings
In the House of Idiedaily
In a Garden
At Michaelmas
The Marching Morrows
The Mendicants
The Joys of the Road
May and June
The Poor Traveller
An Epitaph
A Son of the Sea
A Sea Child
The Gravedigger
The Yule Guest
The Marring of Malyn
The Nancy's Pride
Arnold, Master of the Scud
The Ships of St. John
A Captain of the Press-Gang
A Song Before Sailing
Legends of Lost Haven
The Shadow Boatswain
The Master of the Isles
The Last Watch
Non Omnis Moriar
By the Aurelian Wall
The White Gull
The Country of Har
To Richard Lovelace
A Seamark
At the Road House
To Paul Verlaine
A Norse Child's Requiem
In the Heart of the Hills
An Afterword
Philip Savage
The Grave-Tree
In a Copy of Browning
Spring Song
Earth's Lyric
A Vagabond Song
A More Ancient Mariner
Wood-Folk Lore
The Lanterns of St. Eulalie
To An Iris
Flying Fish
In Bay Street
White Nassau
An Easter Market