April Airs: A Book of New England Lyrics

by Bliss Carman

© Boston: Small, Maynard and Company, 1916.


The Deserted Pasture
The Old Gray Wall
Earth Voices
Now is the Time of Year
Now the Lilac Tree's in Bud
The Redwing
An April Morning
The Soul of April
The Rainbird
Threnody for a Poet
Under the April Moon
Spring Night
In Early May
The Garden of Dreams
Garden Shadows
Garden Magic
A New England June
Roadside Flowers
The Garden of Saint Rose
Songs of the Grass
The Weed's Counsel
Lockerbie Street
A Portrait
A Remembrance
Off Monomoy
The World Voice
Phi Beta Kappa Poem
A Mountain Gateway
The Homestead
At Sunrise
At Twilight
Night Lyric
Weather of the Soul
Woodland Rain
The Tent of Noon
Summer Storm
Dance of the Sunbeams
The Campfire of the Sun
The Queen of Night
Summer Streams
The God of the Wood
The Gift
The Givers of Life
In the Day of Battle
In October
A Fireside Vision
The Blue Heron
A Winter Piece
The Ghost-Yard of the Goldenrod
Before the Snow
Winter Twilight
A Christmas Eve Choral
The Sending of the Magi
Christmas Song
Winter Streams