Essays and Reviews

by Archibald Lampman

Edited by D.M.R. Bentley




The principal reason for the existence of this edition and the series of which it is a part is the generosity of the taxpayers of Ontario and Canada through the Academic Development Fund of the University of Western Ontario and the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada. I am deeply grateful for the opportunities that this generosity and these institutions have afforded me to pursue my programme of research, teaching, and publication on Canadian poetry and related matters.

As regards the libraries and librarians that have made this edition possible, my greatest debts are to the National Archives of Canada and the staff of its manuscript reading room; to the W.A.C. Bennett Library at Simon Fraser University and to the staff of its Special Collections and Rare Books Room, particularly Gene Bridwell and Charles Watts; to the D.B. Weldon Library of the University of Western Ontario and the staffs of its Special and Regional Collections and Inter-Library Loan services, particularly John Lutman, Guy St. Denis, Theresa Regnier, David Murphy, Sharon Engel, Laurraine Pastorius, and Cynthia Davis; to the Library and Archives of Trinity College, University of Toronto, particularly L.W.   Corman and Henri Pilon; and to Anne Gow of the Central Library of London, Ontario.

I am also grateful to numerous other people for assistance of different kinds: to Kathy Hacon for entering and formatting the edition on the computers of the Canadian Poetry Project; to Gerard Stafleu, R. J. Shroyer, and Rick Harley for their computing expertise; to Christopher Brown, D. S. Hair, J.M. Zezulka, Michael Gnarowski, Konrad Gross and Niels Aulike for much useful information and discussion; and to L.R. Early for many valuable suggestions for the improvement of the edition. As always, my gratitude to my family, Susan, Michael, Simon, and Diana, transcends public acknowledgement.

Finally, this edition is dedicated to my wisest teacher, Malcolm Ross, who has been an unfailing source of information, advice, and help since the day I entered his seminar on Victorian poetry at Dalhousie University in September 1969. My debts to him can never be repaid.