Among the Millet

by Archibald Lampman




Once ye were happy, once by many a shore,
    Wherever Glooscap’s gentle feet might stray,
    Lulled by his presence like a dream, ye lay
Floating at rest; but that was long of yore.
He was too good for earthly men; he bore                                  5
    Their bitter deeds for many a patient day,
    And then at last he took his unseen way.
He was your friend, and ye might rest no more:

And now, though many hundred altering years
Have passed, among the desolate northern meres                     10
    Still must ye search and wander querulously,
        Crying for Glooscap, still bemoan the light
    With weird entreaties, and in agony
        With awful laughter pierce the lonely night.