Among the Millet

by Archibald Lampman




"Grotesque!" we said, the moment we espied him,
    For there he stood, supreme in his conceit,
    With short ears close together and queer feet
Planted irregularly: first we tried him
With jokes, but they were lost; we then defied him                      5
    With bantering questions and loose criticism:
    He did not like, Iím sure, our catechism,
But whisked and snuffed a little as we eyed him.

Then flung we balls, and out and clear away,
    Up the white slope, across the crusted snow,                        10
To where a broken fence stands in the way,
        Against the sky-line, a mere row of pegs,
    Quicker than thought we saw him flash and go,
        A straight mad scuttling of four crooked legs.