Among the Millet

by Archibald Lampman




We in sorrow coldly witting,
In the bleak world sitting, sitting,
    By the forest, near the mould,
Heard the summer calling, calling,
Through the dead leaves falling, falling,                                       5
    That her life grew faint and old.

And we took her up, and bore her,
With the leaves that moaned before her,
    To the holy forest bowers,
Where the trees were dense and serried,                                  10
And her corpse we buried, buried,
    In the graveyard of the flowers.

Now the leaves, as death grows vaster,
Yellowing deeper, dropping faster,
    All the grave wherein she lies                                                  15
With their bodies cover, cover,
With their hearts that love her, love her,
    For they live not when she dies:

And we left her so, but stay not
Of our tears, and yet we may not,                                               20
    Though they coldly thickly fall,
Give the dead leaves any, any,
For they lie so many, many,
    That we cannot weep for all.