by Archibald Lampman





Day and night pass over, rounding,
    Star and cloud and sun,
Things of drift and shadow, empty
    Of my dearest one.

Soft as slumber was my baby,                                                   5
    Beaming bright and sweet;
Daintier than bloom or jewel
    Were his hands and feet.

He was mine, mine all, mine only,
    Mine and his the debt;                                                          10
Earth and Life and Time are changers;
    I shall not forget.

Pansies for my dear one—heartsease—
    Set them gently so;
For his stainless lips and forehead,                                       15
    Pansies white as snow.

Would that in the flower-grown little
    Grave they dug so deep,
I might rest beside him, dreamless,
    Smile no more, nor weep.                                                  20