by Archibald Lampman





Harsh thoughts, blind angers, and fierce hands,
    That keep this restless world at strife,
Mean passions that, like choking sands,
    Perplex the stream of life,

Pride and hot envy and cold greed,                                         5
    The cankers of the loftier will,
What if ye triumph, and yet bleed?
    Ah, can ye not be still?

Oh, shall there be no space, no time,
    No century of weal in store,                                                 10
No freehold in a nobler clime,
    Where men shall strive no more?

Where every motion of the heart
    Shall serve the spiritís master-call,
Where self shall be the unseen part,                                      15
    And human kindness all?

Or shall we but by fits and gleams
    Sink satisfied, and cease to rave,
Find love but in the rest of dreams,
    And peace but in the grave?                                               20