Mnemographia Canadensis

Volume 2
Remember and See

Essays on Memory, Community, and Environment in Canada, with Particular Reference to London, Ontario



Introductory Material
  A Note on Citations, Dates, and the Index

  Forgetful of Former Care: Notes on the Past and Present State of Canadian Memory

Mnemographia Canadensis
Edited by D.M.R. Bentley
  Essay 13: Legible Spaces: Urbanism, Environmentalism, and the Canadian Thames
      by Andrea Cabajsky
    Essay 14: In No Uncertain Terms: the Victoria Park Women's Monument, London, Ontario
      by Shelley Hulan
    Essay 15: Dancing Women / 14 Femmes Dansantes: the Shape of a Feminist Memory
      by Rachel Jones
    Essay 16: Controversy in the Commemoration of Louis Riel
      by Monique Dumontet
    Essay 17: The 1996 Hamilton Sesquicentennial: a Study in Vita Memoriae
      by Simone J. Saunders
    Essay 18: The Canadian National War Museum: Metaphor for the Birth of the Nation
      by Jim Zucchero
    Essay 19: The Last Call: Excavating the Perlocutionary Effects of the Monumentalization of the Oxford House Tavern, London, Ontario
      by Matthew Trebb
    Essay 20: Defining the Country: Memory and Nationhood in the Canadian Museum of Civilization
      by Carolyn Finlayson
    Works Cited