Mnemographia Canadensis

Volume 1
Muse and Recall

by D.M.R. Bentley


Essays on Memory, Community, and Environment in Canada, with Particular Reference to London, Ontario



Introductory Material
  A Note on Citations, Dates, and the Index

  Forgetful of Former Care: Notes on the Past and Present State of Canadian Memory

Mnemographia Canadensis
  Essay 1: Monumental Tensions: the Commemoration of British Political and Military Heroes in Canada
    Essay 2: Tokens of Being There: Land Deeds and Demarkations
      Supplement 1: Thomas Moore's Construction of Upper Canada in "Ballad Stanzas"
      Supplement 2: The Pioneer Picturesque and Settler Sublime
    Essay 3: Ruly Practices/Unruly Elements in Canadian Space
      Supplement 1: Discord Growls in Lower and Upper Canada
      Supplement 2: UnCannyda
    Essay 4: Savages and Relics: the Commemoration of Native Peoples in the Nineteenth Century
      Supplement: Sacred Ground(s)
    Essay 5: Emigrant Remembering and Forgetting 
      Supplement 1: Tony Harrison's "The Mother of the Muses"
      Supplement 2: Anne Michaels' Fugitive Pieces
    Essay 6: Colonial Colonizing: the Long Poem on Canada
      Supplement: Memorable Lyrics
    Essay 7: Trees and Forest: Variety and Unity in Early Canadian Writing
      Supplement: Thomas Chandler Haliburton, John Howison, John Galt and Canadian Unity
    Essay 8: Literary Sites and Cultural Properties in Canadian Poetry
      Supplement: The Lampman Commemorative Stamp
    Essay 9: (Anti-) Modernity and Moving House(s)
      Supplement 1: The Mountain and the Valley
      Supplement 2: The Double Hook
    Essay 10: Stained with Time: the Politics and Poetics of Old Houses
    Essay 11: Parading Past
      Supplement 1: Santa Claus Parade, London, 1993
      Supplement 2: Canada Day, Ottawa, 1994
      Supplement 3: Jean-Baptiste-Day or Fête nationale de Québec, Montreal, 1995
    Essay 12: Historied Trees
    Works Cited